2019.10 GRAND OPEN

For a long time, this hotel was being loved by everyone.
and This hotel was reborn again. I'll offer you time best.

The private space best a sea can desire from indoor by ocean view of all the rooms.
You can bathe in hot springs in the room.
Please be satisfied with time a hotel offers much.

[ ROOM ]

Prepared two types of rooms.That's luxurious and simple.

Capacity 2-5 51㎡

one person¥16,500 〜 20,900(tax included)

Capacity 2-4 39㎡

one person¥14,300 〜 18,700(tax included)

※Up to 4 people can stay in one room.
Please confirm the details from the reservation screen.

― Cancellation fee ―

  • Until 7 days ago:free
  • 6 to 3 days before:20% of the charge
  • Until 2 days before:30% of the charge
  • The previous day:50% of the charge
  • The day:100% of the charge
  • Contact-less Stay-lessness:100% of the charge

※Please call and inform one in case of cancellation.

― Facility ―

  • Big bath Man and woman 1 each(You can take a bath on a day trip)
  • Family bath 3 each(Must be booked in advance and Extracharge)
  • Hall(100 seats)
  • Restaurants(75 seats)
  • Souvenir shop

[ SPA ]

The source of the hot springs of Obama hot springs
is the hottest spring water in Japan (105℃)
The hot water is a little salty and then Warm your body.

You'd be able to feel. Obama's wind and The fragrance of the sulfur.

Public bath

The large communal bath has large windows all over the wall,Feel the wind and have a great time


Private hot spring

It is a private space.
Hot spring to one's heart's content.

Private hot spring

Private hot spring

Share a comfortable feeling
with your family and friend.


Day Torip

It's possible to heal a tired body.


Highlights of Obama

Take a walk while feeling Japanese culture.



〒854-0514 905 Kitahonmachi, Obama-cho, Unzen-shi, Nagasaki, Japan
Please use the municipal parking

TEL 0957-74-2121
FAX 0957-74-5977

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